Road Cuts are demanding jobs which require precise tools and qualified engineers to execute the job without damaging the surrounding environment. Al Andalos in-house qualified engineers are well trained and have handled many large road development projects across the country. Al Andalos energetic and enthusiastic team can execute projects on time with minimum guidelines.


Al Andalos equips partner companies to expedite tunnelling projects. Tunnelling requires extensive experience and knowledge. Al Andalos's highly qualified and experienced tunnel experts plan, prepare and execute projects in a staged manner, maximizing safety precautions and increasing efficiency


Particularly designed for pipelines of oil, water and sewage, Al Andalos uses heavy trench blasting methods which focuses energy distribution throughout the rock. Precisely controlled drilling inside the rock makes the blasts effective.


Levelling works determines the base and structure of the huge projects to be built. It requires, surveying, geography, soil management etc. where Al Andalos employs experts in the associated areas. Al Andalos also has a solid background of executing large levelling projects through its lifetime.


Al Andalos widespread network of fleet operators and heavy earth movers are always available for high capacity quarrying and mining projects. With standby fleet of trucks and professional drivers, Al Andalos can guarantee on-time completion of large-scale projects. Al Andalos is a name you can trust when it comes to dependable service.


Seismic exploration reveals if the surface contains valuable crude oil and other natural minerals. Al Andalos seismic exploration has led several of its clients to precisely evaluate and find natural resources. Al Andalos has expert seismic exploration team from well-renowned institutions and companies to guide and progress the project.