Established in 1979, Hajar Explosives Trading Co. LLC and Hajar Explosives Manufacturing Co. LLC (now Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. SAOG) is an Omani company with worldwide connections. It was set up in collaboration with ICI Nobel’s Explosives Company, at that time the largest commercial explosives company in the world. Since inception, we have complied with the strict and uncompromising standards of the Royal Oman Police on explosives related issues. It has been the key supplier of explosives and accessories which have made the construction of an intricate network of roads possible over rocky terrain and has also provided explosives products required for mining and quarrying operations, cutting trenches when laying oil and gas pipelines and in road and harbour construction.

We manufacture “Hajarex ANFO”, the bulk explosives used, at our large and well-equipped plant and magazine facilities at Hajar, near Muscat, called the Hajar Central Explosives Depot. We also manufacture at Hajar Central Explosives Depot “Hajarite Emulsion” explosive, a product technologically superior to the slurry and other types of cartridge explosives. In addition to these two locally produced explosives, the range of products we market includes the safe and efficient non-electrical initiation system and other accessories such as detonating cord, electric detonators, detonating relays, etc. sourced from reputable manufactures in different parts of the world. We also have ANFO manufacturing and magazine facilities at Thamrait, in the South of Oman, less than 200km from the Yemeni border and at Sohar in the North of the country, close to the UAE border. Our total installed capacity for ANFO is 30,000 tpa and 2,000 tpa for Emulsion.

Rigid safety precautions have to be observed in the handling of explosives. The products require specially fabricated containers and licensed transport for movement between the network of specially constructed stores from which sales are made under strict supervision by the Royal Oman Police. We have a major commitment to providing all these facilities, which extend over the length and breadth of the Sultanate. We have been storing and transporting explosives on behalf of almost all the oil well companies in Oman, such as Schlumberger and Baker Sand Control since they started operations in Oman. We have also stored and transported explosives of Halliburton, Baker Atlas, WesternGeco, Occidental of Oman, Gulf Stream, Vann Systems, Gearhart, etc.

The company is rightly proud of its 30-year safety record which complements its responsible role in this important area. In December 2000, we were awarded the IS09002 certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International, the UK-based quality management system certification agency. Our Quality System has now been transferred to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The Company represented in Oman: Vibra-Tech Engineers of USA – suppliers of sophisticated ground vibration measuring systems and Wasaga Chemie of Germany & Research Energy of USA Ohio for shot exploders and other blasting accessories. Other essential services provided by the Company include consultation on explosives store construction, fabrication and hire of explosives transit containers, hire of licensed explosives personnel, explosives training courses, vibration monitoring, etc